The science behind the effectiveness of frequent hand-washing also applies to home and office cleanliness.

The better you clean your home or office, the lesser the risk of infections. A buildup of dirt and grime in moist and dark areas provide the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. While handwashing and personal hygiene are effective protection strategies, eradicating the threat of viral and bacterial infection at the source offers airtight protection. This is where steam cleaning comes in.

Steam cleaning relies on a simple technology that delivers steam that is hot enough to loosen and lift any dust, stains, dirt, and grime on the surfaces. As we all know, hot water can melt greasy stains and dilute sweat, soil, bread crumbs, soup stains, and all other types of dirt in seconds. It is the perfect cleaning technique for your home or office. Steam cleaners are designed to turn cold water into a superhot cleaning solution and are used to clean and disinfect high-risk communal areas from hospitals, school cafeteria, and public transport. This simple technology fulfills its task in a simple three-step process: 

  • Step 1: Cold tap water flows into the steam cleaner’s heating chamber and heated past its boiling point.
  • Step 2: The boiling water vaporizes into superhot steam and increases the pressure in the chamber.
  • Step 3: The pressurized superhot steam is released in high velocity through the cleaner’s nozzle.

Advanced steam cleaners are designed to push steam deeper into hidden nooks and crannies. High-temperature steam cleans all the dirt and grime, which disrupts the conducive environment for breeding. Most importantly, high-temperature steam also kills and destroys any viruses, bacteria, and germs colonizing these hidden areas. The hotter steam, the better the results. Unlike other cleaning agents, hot steam evaporates quickly, allowing your freshly-cleaned carpet, mats, tables, sink, and all surfaces to dry-off within a short period. It delivers the highest level of cleanliness and protects you, your family, and staff against infections by sterilizing your home or office. 

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