What Lurks In Your Carpet May Not Be Healthy

Fact 1: The EPA ranks Indoor Air Pollution among the top five environmental risks to human health. Harmful fungus, bacteria, chemicals, germs, pollen, smoke, oils and toxic airs are filtered through your carpet. EPA studies show pollutants may be 3-5 times higher indoors, creating a greater risk indoors than outdoors.

Fact 2: Dust mites are the major cause of allergies in over 22 million households in the United States. If you have asthma, allergies, emphysema, or breathing difficulties, one source of your problem could be living in your carpet.

Fact 3: Dirt is abrasive and it’s scratching and dulling your carpet. Each day I pull pounds and pounds of sandy soil out of the base of my client’s carpets. You would be amazed at the amount of debris and contaminants we remove from clean “looking” carpets.

Fact 4: Regular cleaning prevents permanent damage. Soils bond with the fibers through a process called oxidation, causing color change and permanent soil attachment. Having your carpets cleaned as little as possible is one of the industry’s most common misconceptions.

The fact is clean your carpets frequently (when traffic lanes first start to appear) and they will last longer, look better, and protect your family’s health.

At Share Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on keeping our clients homes and businesses clean. We now offer 3 levels of cleaning options our customers can choose from…Value, Preferred and Preferred Plus.

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