Maybe you’ve seen the ads or received a coupon or two for carpet cleaning and you thought “wow, this is an incredible deal I should call”. Well those low prices are the bait that hooks you in. Hey, I like to save money too. But, unfortunately most of those low priced coupon deals are nothing more than ‘bait and switch’ con games that never stick to the coupon price they advertised.

It’s a shame.

It truly is.

Why these cleaning service providers believe they need to run low priced offers to get people’s attention is beyond me? Sadly, they get away with it every day.

Let me share with you a few coupon deals I saw in local magazines…
• 2 rooms cleaned for $39.95
• 5 room cleaned for $69.95
• Whole house special $99.95

But then there’s the fine print…
• Extra charge for extremely soiled carpets.
• Rooms over 250 square feet considered two rooms.
• Hallways considered a room.
• Walk-in closets considered a room
• Extra charge for vacuuming
• Travel charge extra.

Oh boy, don’t get me started on all those extra charges. Seriously you’re getting your carpets cleaned because they’re dirty, which means they are soiled. And that alone will cause you to get hit with an extra fee. And most living / family rooms are bigger than 250 square feet. And the cleaner is there to clean your carpet which means vacuuming should be included in the service.

Now all of sudden that $39.95 deal is closer to $199.95 and you’re left feeling disgusted that you allowed some shyster to rip you off.

Well, that’s not how we work here at Share Advanced Tile and Carpet Deep Cleaning Services. We never bait you in with cheap prices then “upsell” switch you to higher prices.

Vacuuming is always included in our service. In fact it’s part of our 5-Step Process. We achieve the best cleaning results in deep cleaning with our 5-step process:
1. Vacuum
2. Pre-Spray,
3. Scrub,
4. Re-Spray,
5. Rinse and Remove.

When we give a quote for carpet or tile cleaning or any of our cleaning services that’s the price. No surprises. No bait and switch. Just honest pricing that we stand behind one hundred percent.

Yes 100%.

We absolutely, completely, 100% guarantee your satisfaction with any work we do. No strings and absolutely no gimmicks! If you’re not happy, We will make it right. It’s that easy!

Give us a call, we’ll come out and give you a written estimate for the services you desire, and when you’re ready to schedule you can feel confident that the price won’t change from what was quoted.

Why take a gamble on bait and switch low priced cleaners when you can hire a company that completely stands behind their work and gives you a written quote that they stick to?

Maybe you have questions, great…we love to answer those questions. In fact we have 14 of the most commonly asked questions on our website that you can read up on. And if your question isn’t there, simply call us and we’ll be happy to answer.

Call (484)542-4213 today.

We provide stress free professional cleaning.