Steam disinfection with high-temperature steam can disinfect any surface from carpets, sinks, tiles, toilet seats, bathtubs, tiles, and grout.

It delivers the highest level of disinfection and sterilization. Steam disinfection is your first line of defense against infections in this trying time. But, the effectiveness of steam disinfection relies heavily on the temperature of the steam and steam cleaning techniques and expertise. While most viruses and bacteria die off at temperatures above 80°C, others may require higher temperatures. Also, some pathogens require longer exposure to high-temperature steam to die off. The steam temperature should be higher than 80°C to ensure the absolute destruction of pathogens, and anything less can lead to partial disinfection.

Partial disinfection occurs when a large number of the pathogens remain active and viable, which is counterproductive. Viruses and bacteria can reproduce quickly and recolonize your home or office within a short period. To attain the highest level of disinfection, you need state-of-the-art steam-cleaning technology that delivers superheated steam at around 100°C. You also need an expert behind the steam cleaner to ensure every square inch in your home or office is steam cleaned and disinfected satisfactorily. For one, sustained contact must be maintained on each square inch of your carpet for more than three minutes to kill 99% of pathogens. To clean and kill pathogens in your office or home, hire a professional steam cleaning crew like Share Cleaning Services in Allentown, PA, with years of experience and expertise in steam carpet cleaning as well as tile and grout cleaning.

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