When was last time you really thought about the cleanliness of your home’s carpets?

If the carpet looks clean, then you probably do not think about it too much. Even if there are stains, you may feel like you are doing enough simply by vacuuming it weekly to pick up lint and trash.

However, carpet needs more than just weekly vacuuming. Getting the carpet truly clean involves frequent vacuuming and steam cleaning to ensure that you are enjoying a healthy lifestyle within your home. Here are just a few of the reasons a clean carpet is better for your health and your family.

Remove Pollutants
Plush carpet is soft under your feet and it feels great first thing in the morning. However, those same fibers that cushion you body also trap allergens like dander, pollen, and dirt. Without moving the allergens out of your home, your seasonal allergies will flare up regularly throughout the year. Have the carpets cleaned to remove those pollutants and start enjoying long-term allergy relief.

Your Children Are On The Carpet
Kids think nothing of crawling on the floor or laying down on the carpet to crawl and play. This means their little faces are closer to the allergens, dirt, and dust mites. Keep the carpet clean to protect your little ones and ensure that they will be safe when they lay down on the carpet to watch TV or play toys.

Pets Are Also On The Carpet
Your kids are on the carpet sometimes, and your pets hang out on the carpet all the time. The shed, dander falls off, and they may even deposit a few fleas into the carpet. Over time, these deposits from your beloved pet lead to odors and other problems. Invest in regular cleaning to keep these allergens out and ensure that your carpet is clean. You will avoid strange odors, flea infestations and allergy problems.

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