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Professionally applied PU color coatings during the process of sports floor restoration

Sports Floor Restoration: A Deep Dive into Dr. Schutz’s Eco-Friendly Solution System Provided by: Share Advanced Flooring Restoration

Revitalizing Sports Floor Restoration using Dr. Schutz's Sustainable System

Share Advanced Flooring Restoration provides an intelligent, comprehensive solution that allows sports hall floors to be refurbished in five well-synchronized steps. Through the Sports Floor Restoration System, the complete hall floor gets a full makeover in just a few days without the need to rip up the current flooring. This strategy not only mitigates extensive cost and labor, but also significantly reduces waste and material usage. While upgrading public use facilities, one often needs to assess various strategies in the context of their environmental impact. Dr. Schutz’s system approach has been scientifically proven to be sustainable: Renovating with the Floor Remake System decreases CO2 emissions by 98% compared to the installation of a new floor. The cost-efficiency of this streamlined method, which is only a fraction of the cost of a new floor, is also commendable.

The Sports Floor Restoration System is suitable for both resilient and wooden sport floors and can be tailored to the current surface. 

Sustainability Certification: Evidence of CO2 reduction and durable protection

CO2 reduction: To measure the sustainability of its floor renovation system, Dr. Schutz enlisted an evaluation from the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics. The goal was to determine the amount of CO2 that could be saved by renovating with the Floor Remake System as opposed to installing new flooring. The answer is simple: 98%. Removing old floors produces a significant amount of waste that needs expensive disposal. The production of new floor coverings and the logistics involved with their installation also contribute to the carbon footprint. All systems from Dr. Schutz Group are manufactured in Germany, using exclusively European raw materials and primary products. Almost all the electricity requirements of the manufacturing process are met by a photovoltaic system installed on the plant’s roof. The renovation process virtually eliminates waste.

Durable Protection: The on-top PU finish provides a hermetic seal to the floor, guarding it against scratches and dirt penetration. This means basic cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents (like the Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner) will suffice for several years. The need for an annual deep cleaning involving the removal of old care layers and the application of new ones can be entirely eliminated. This not only saves significant amounts of water and cleaning chemicals but also prevents microplastics from the care layers from entering the water cycle.

The Problem: Extensive heavy-duty usage causes sport hall floors to wear out. Resin remnants from balls and shoe abrasion result in unappealing streaks, while equipment leaves scratches, and the colors and lines start to fade. The rough surface becomes nearly impossible to clean. Worse, the surface loses its anti-slip characteristics, posing a serious injury risk to users.

Step 2 (optional): Floor Repair: If the floor exhibits severe damage like deep scratches, open joints, or uneven areas, these can be filled and sanded with the Prep and Repair System to ensure a smooth surface for the subsequent steps.

Step 4: Line Markings: Most sports floors need line markings. With the Floor and Sports Liner, Share Advanced Flooring Services provides an ideal tool for placing them individually and masking them with utmost precision in minimal time. The lines are then applied in the color corresponding to the sports played in the hall. 

Step 1: Deep Cleaning: The Sports Floor System provided by SHARE Advanced Flooring Restoration begins with a deep clean of the existing floor. With the right machinery, the floor undergoes thorough mechanical treatment, with an added cleaning agent providing the desired extra effect: For sports halls, the specific handball resin remover, along with a general cleaner, is the preferred product for removing these stubborn residues.

Step 3: Application of Field Colors: Colored water-based PU coatings provide a wide range of choices across the entire spectrum of sports floor colors, imparting vibrant base colors to the floor and its playing areas. After the full-surface color coat, it is also possible to apply design elements like logos or club crests.

Step 5: On-Top Protection: Finally, the floor is hermetically sealed with a transparent permanent PU seal coating. This offers enduring protection to the playing fields, particularly the newly applied lines, from wear and tear, scratches, and color fading. The perfectly safeguarded surface repels ingrained dirt and is easy to clean. Exhibiting the appropriate slip resistance class and matching gloss, the flooring aligns with DIN 18032 and EN-14904 standards for sports floors.

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