Is it really necessary to seal stone outdoors?

A customer recently asked us this question, and it’s actually a great question.

The outdoors environment can be very harsh on your stone.

There are things that can affect your stone that are visible like pollen and dirt and then there are things that are not quite that easy to see like UV rays.

You make an investment to your home by putting natural stone in your yard, so it would be worth it to seal the stone and preserve its natural beauty.

Sealing the stone with our special sealants will give them maximum protection against rain, chemicals, botanical oils from trees and plants, and grease from all of those wonderful and fun filled outside barbecues. 

And it starts with an estimate. Just pick up the phone and call us with your request. We can stop out and offer a written estimate or if you’d prefer you can snap a picture and email it to us. We make it easy for you.

Protect the long lasting beauty of your outdoors stone by having it protected by our special sealants and have peace of mind that all the grit, grease, dirt, grime and UV rays doesn’t ruin your investment.

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