We get asked that cleaning question a great deal…

Usually after we’ve worked a miracle cleaning our clients carpet and upholstery they ask…

“How can I best care for my carpets/upholstery between cleaning?”

And we are always glad to share cleaning tips with our clients.

But it usually comes down to just two tips that are vital to maintaining a clean look.

#1 – regular vacuuming

#2 – regular spot cleaning

Yup, it’s just that easy.

Well, it sounds easy.

Regular vacuuming and quick spot and spill treatment can keep your carpets and furniture looking their best between professional cleanings.

But people are busy, some working multiple jobs, raising families, doing sports, and with all the comings and goings vacuuming and spot cleaning isn’t always high on the priority list.

Then when they have time, the carpet and upholstery is dirty and so they go grab a cleaner from underneath their sink and try to remove the spot. Oh boy!

No, don’t do that.

That cleaner might actually set the stain, cause damage to the fabric or be harmful to your pets or even yourself.

We encourage our valued customers to phone us BEFORE attempting to remove a questionable stain.

We will be more than happy to offer our assistance over the phone.

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