Depending on what kind of benefit the customer needs we can cater our cleaning to best fit them. If the customer is concerned about stains we can apply a protector after the cleaning to guard against spots and spills from staining the carpet or upholstery. If the client’s home or business experiences odors due to pets or cigarettes or cooking smells, we can apply a sanitizer or deodorizer to the carpet to neutralize those offensive smells.

In terms of what the client wants, it’s their choice. We give them options. Never a sales pitch. It’s not how we work. We try to be fair, convenient and understanding. And when it comes to pricing for our services, we are upfront and honest. No bait and switch or confusing “by the room” pricing.

We base our carpet cleaning prices off the actual square footage of area to be cleaned. We do this because every home is different and every customer has different needs. We know some of our competitors would just rather quote “2 rooms for $” or “4 rooms for $$”  or whatever they like to advertise. They can keep their cookie cutter one size fits all approach, that’s just not us. We believe that each client deserves a unique service that meets and exceeds their expectations.

So we charge for what we clean. As far as bait and switch we never do that. We can quote a price over the phone if the client knows the sizes of rooms that need to be clean. But we do offer to come out and give an on-site quote which allows us to see first hand the client’s actual room sizes, special needs and gives them an opportunity to ask us questions.

The big two questions we get when we’re in a clients home are…

  1. Do you vacuum my carpet before cleaning?
  2. Do you charge to pretreat spots?

We take care of both of those things. We vacuum before cleaning so you don’t have to and we pretreat spots as part of our exceptional service. We don’t charge extra for those.

We treat our clients as family. We deliver value they can count on every single time.

When you want someone in your home or office that you can trust to do the right job, count on Share Cleaning Services.

We want our clients to see why we’re the best carpet cleaning service Allentown has to offer.

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