Hi there, it’s Ray your friendly neighborhood cleaning guy from Share Cleaning Services, and boy are we living in crazy times. Every day the news media reminds us how bad it is out there. Well, have you been outside? The air is clean and amazing.

Why not experience that same clean and amazing air in your home or office? Well you just have to pick up the phone and call us.

Some of my clients have told us they are so excited when we arrive to clean for them. I guess binge watching Netflix and scrolling through Facebook gets monotonous  after a while that talking to real people is such a joy. I think the real joy is seeing how clean we can make your carpet, tile, furniture and area rugs. Hey if you’re going to be isolated indoors, it’s nice to know everything is clean, right?

If it’s been awhile since we’ve cleaned for you, here’s what you can expect…

We always want to leave our customers with a good service experience and not feeling like they got taken or were not satisfied with the service performed in their home.

Our customers will always get a uniformed, well-trained IICRC certified technician to perform the cleaning in their home. We will always pre-inspect your carpet, rugs, tile and furniture and address any concerns you may have. Exact prices will be given before any service is performed (except for water damages). Then we will perform a thorough cleaning using the most updated processes and cleaning solutions, leaving your carpets and furniture clean and fresh. We also protect each client with our 100% money back guarantee.

Now some people are concerned about being exposed to the dreaded C word…and so my technicians are taking steps to protect you and them. Masks are being worn when in customer’s homes, gloves are being worn as well and temperatures are being checked to make sure we are not sending potentially sick people into your home or business. Like I said crazy times.

To add to the craziness, we are offering some of our best deals.

If these can help you, awesome…let’s get you scheduled.

Special #1Have two rooms or more of carpet cleaned and get your favorite chair or recliner cleaned FREE!

Special #2Have your tile floors cleaned and receive 50% off grout sealer!

Special #3Have your sofa cleaned and receive protector for FREE!

Special #4Book your cleaning by April 30th and receive 10% off your entire order.

Special #5 – Receive 20% off when you have us clean your oriental, area and heirloom rugs.

Oh, and yes you can take advantage of all the specials to maximize your savings.

Call today… (484)542-4213

P.S. Special #4 expires on April 30th so if you want to take advantage of these crazy specials call right away so we can get you on the scheduled. All the other specials expire May 8th, 2020.

P.P.S. Serving Lehigh County • Montgomery County • Bucks County