Many cleaning services now have jumped on the bandwagon and are using the coronavirus as a marketing ploy.

And some companies are even claiming their cleaning is all that is required at killing and eradicating the virus from your home or office.

Those claims are worthless!

Here’s why…

(1)unless they are providing a top to bottom cleaning including the air you breathe, they are not removing the virus.

(2)the chemicals they use to clean may not be effective at killing the virus

(3)their personnel are in most cases not properly trained in the cleaning of viral surfaces

(4)they themselves could be carriers of the virus and are now bringing the infectious germs into your home or office

(5)most vacuums are not designed to contain viruses

And those claiming cleaning with bleach is all you need is also entirely false.

We would never advocate the use of bleach in your cleaning arsenal. Bleach is harmful to your lungs and skin. It’s okay to use in your laundry sparingly, and thats because it’s being diluted in water from your washing machine. But bleach does not kill viruses. And mixing bleach with other cleaning chemicals can produce a noxious odor similar to mustard gas, which can incapacitate you. Refrain from using bleach as a cleaning agent in your home or business.

Yes, the Coronavirus has people worried. Yes, you want to do something about. Unfortunately, hiring the wrong cleaning company to clean for you could make matters worse. 

When selecting a cleaning company make sure they fit within the parameters you need. 

If you need a complete sanitizing of your facility you need a company that has experience doing so. Make sure they certified and trained to handle the task the hand.

We here at Share Cleaning Services understand our limitations, we know what we are good at and what we are not. But one thing we will never do is make claims for the sole purpose of gaining a sale. 

We are certified in many categories such as: carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and area rug cleaning. We do understand the relationship of chemicals and how they interact to help in the cleaning process. And, we know that even with everything we know about cleaning we couldn’t claim our system will kill coronavirus. 

So, please be careful when choosing a cleaning company. 

If you have questions, feel free to call (484)542-4213 and we’ll be glad to offer our assistance in your quest for better cleaning.