Although we have been known to work the impossible…

sometimes even our highly honed skills fall short…

here’s why…

Over time, carpet fabrics become worn or distorted to the degree that they no longer retain their original texture and shape.

This is a physical change (the fibers sustain ‘scratches’, thus creating a dull/faded appearance), and while our deep cleaning and grooming will improve a worn carpet to a degree, restoring it to a new appearance is not possible.

While our ‘state of the art’ cleaning methods, coupled with a comprehensive deodorizing/disinfecting program will eliminate minor odor problems, some odors (pet) thoroughly invade the carpet, pad, and in some instances, sub-flooring.

We cannot guarantee to completely eliminate these odors with general cleaning.

These cases would involve considerable restoration, which includes removal and treatment of both sides of the carpet, pad replacement, sub-flooring cleaning, and reinstallation of the carpet.

So if you have wear, tear, odor or pet problems and call a carpet cleaner make sure they will take the time to address all your issues.

Telling you over the phone what can and can’t be removed doesn’t work as the cleaner can’t visibly see the problem, he/she can only assume based on prior experience that they can or can’t remove such things.

Always ask for a detailed on-site cleaning estimate this insures that the cleaner fully understands your situation and can present a solution that will fit your needs.

We at Share Cleaning Services are ready to help when the need arises, call 484-542-4213 to schedule an estimate.