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Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Process by Share Advanced Cleaning Services

Stress-Free Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Your cleaners maybe great cleaners, though this doesn’t mean they are qualified to clean and care for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. We are fully IICRC tested and qualified to care for your commercial cleaning needs.
We offer commercial carpet cleaning clients:
Commercial carpet cleaning in Southeastern PA area is about improving your businesses visual appearance to your clients and staff, presenting your business in a clean and professional manner. While this is usually a primary reason why businesses clean their commercial carpets there are a few other more important reasons.
Regular cleaning of your carpet removes soils from the carpet.This reduces the physical damaged caused by these soils acting as sand paper prematurely wearing the carpet fibers. This like real soil can create the visual effect that the carpets are soiled, when it’s just the light reflection off the damaged fibers which gives the appearance of real soiling.
OH&S is the most important factor why regular cleaning of commercial carpets is required. The cost of staff on sick leave, and reduced air quality in commercial premises can have greater effect on your business than the visual appearance so many businesses are concerned about.
Bacteria and Odor removal from commercial carpet cleaning. Every day soil in brought into your business on the soles of staff, and clients. These soils come from various sources and contain bacteria and other nastiness. Frequent commercial carpet cleaning when conducted in accordance to international standards by our IICRC qualified technicians means your business is in good hands. Our procedures reduce quick re-soiling which is often caused from incorrect procedures, wrong use of chemicals and the lack of pre-spray and then neutralizing of these chemicals. Simple science to qualified technicians, yet overlooked by the majority of so called carpet cleaners in the market.

Other services we offer during the commercial carpet cleaning process include:

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