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These are the FACTS you may find helpful:

FACT #1 Looks Aren’t Everything!  Modern carpeting is a technological marvel. It was designed to hide dirt and boy does it do a good job! You can literally pour a pound of potting soil in one square foot of a quality nylon carpet; rub it in and IT WILL DISAPPEAR! That means all of the junk (dander, fumes, pollutants, germs, bacteria, fleas, etc.) that comes into your home is safely hidden in your carpet!

FACT #2 Dirt, Sand and Grit are Killing Your Carpet! What would happen if you rubbed sandpaper all over that beautiful clear coat paint on your car… what a disaster! Well, each day I pull pounds of gritty soil out of base of peoples carpets. And it’s in yours too!  This gritty soil goes to work on your carpet just like tiny saws – cutting and tearing into your carpet’s delicate fibers, giving it that worn, dull look. This is the #1 cause of your carpet’s ugly, faded and worn appearance.

FACT #3 Traffic Lane Trouble! Here’s the scoop: The longer you wait to clean your carpet, the more soil becomes permanent. It locks onto the fibers, and through a process called ‘oxidation’, the soil bonds with the carpet, permanently attaching to it. You can tell when this happens because the carpet color changes. If you wait too long, you’ve thrown away the key to unlock the dirt and oily pollutants in the traffic lanes.

Why is it important to have carpets cleaned?

Professional cleaning and maintenance of your carpet rejuvenates the life and beauty of your carpet, improves indoor air quality, will help you avoid the cost of premature replacement and benefit the environment by keeping post-consumer carpet out of landfills.

Proper cleaning will protect your carpet investment and keep you from having to replace the carpet before it would be time. In addition, the investment you make in properly maintaining your carpet is far less expensive than the cost of replacement.

These days everyone is concerned with preserving the environment. Our carpet cleaning methods are environmentally friendly and enable you to keep your carpets looking like new for much longer time and avoiding filling landfills with your old carpet.


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