Can You Guarantee Removal Of My Stains?

We get that question a great deal from customers.

They have spots that either they tried to remove or paid another cleaner to remove.


Here’s our answer…

“We at Share Cleaning Services guarantee you, our valued client, the most thorough and professional job available.

Our state of the art equipment, coupled with our extensive training, will still not be able to remove certain ‘stains’.

Depending on the nature of the spill, some stains may indeed be permanent.

We will conduct a pre-cleaning inspection with you and evaluate existing conditions at that time.”

Sadly, some stains may remain. But, we have been know to remove spots that even other cleaners could not.


Now if you have spot or spill and are unsure how to remove it, please call us and we will walk you through how to clean it properly.

Please don’t assume that the bottle labeled “carpet cleaner” will do the trick.

Some store bought spotters are designed for only the common spots and may actually set the stain and make it permanent. So call us first.