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Welcome To Share Cleaning Services

Kids, Pets, and Carpets: Keeping Things Clean!

Top Allentown Pa Carpet Cleaners: Expert Solutions for Homes with Kids and Pets

Carpeting is more than just a home accessory. It’s an integral part of our living space, especially in a household bustling with kids and pets. While carpets enhance the beauty and comfort of our homes, they can also become a magnet for messes. Fortunately, Share Advanced Cleaning Services understands the challenges faced by homeowners in Allentown, Pa, and the surrounding areas. In this guide, we will provide valuable insights on how to maintain the pristine condition of your carpets even with the playful antics of children and pets.

Why Carpets Get Dirty in Homes with Kids and Pets

Children are naturally curious and active. Whether it’s spilling their favorite juice or traipsing mud from the garden, they can unwittingly cause stains on your carpets. On the other hand, pets, with their shedding fur, muddy paws, and occasional accidents, contribute to the wear and tear.

  • Dirt and Mud: Kids love to play outdoors, and pets, especially dogs, might spend a significant amount of time outside. This results in dirt, mud, and other outdoor elements being carried inside on their feet and fur.

  • Food Spills: Meal times can get messy, especially with toddlers around. Spilled drinks, dropped food, and crumbs can quickly find their way deep into the carpet fibers.

  • Pet Hair and Dander: Pets, especially those with long hair, shed a lot. This hair and dander can get embedded in the carpets, causing allergies and making the carpet look unkempt.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Strategies

Maintaining clean carpets in a busy household is not an uphill task if you have the right strategies.

Regular Vacuuming

To prevent dirt and debris from settling into the carpet fibers, make vacuuming a regular chore. Aim to vacuum high-traffic areas daily and the entire house at least twice a week. Ensure to use a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner designed to pick up pet hair and dander.

Spot Cleaning

Act fast! As soon as you notice a stain, clean it immediately. The longer a stain sits, the harder it becomes to remove. Use a clean cloth and a recommended cleaning solution for spot cleaning. Remember to dab and not rub the stain.

Invest in Professional Cleaning

While regular cleaning helps, getting your carpet professionally cleaned ensures deep cleaning. At Share Advanced Cleaning Services, we recommend a professional cleaning at least twice a year for homes with kids and pets.

Use Mats and Rugs

Placing mats and rugs in high traffic areas can reduce the amount of dirt brought into the house. Ensure to clean these mats and rugs regularly as they accumulate dirt.

Set House Rules

Simple rules like removing shoes at the door, eating in designated areas, and wiping pet’s paws can significantly reduce the amount of dirt and grime on your carpets.

Why Choose Share Advanced Cleaning Services

Located in Allentown, Pa, and serving the surrounding areas, we at Share Advanced Cleaning Services understand the unique challenges of maintaining clean carpets in homes with kids and pets. Our trained professionals use advanced cleaning techniques and eco-friendly products, ensuring not only a clean but also a safe environment for your loved ones.

  • Experienced Staff: Our team is trained in tackling various carpet stains and issues, ensuring your carpet looks as good as new.

  • Eco-Friendly Products: We believe in providing a safe environment for your kids and pets, which is why we use non-toxic cleaning agents.

  • Comprehensive Service: From regular cleaning to deep cleaning and stain removal, our services are comprehensive and tailored to your needs.

In conclusion, while kids and pets bring joy and life to a home, they also bring along their fair share of messes. But with the right strategies and a trusted professional service like Share Advanced Cleaning Services by your side, maintaining clean carpets is a breeze.


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