Will My Carpet Re-soil After Cleaning?

That’s another question we frequently receive from customers.

And sadly, there are some carpet cleaners who play the “splash and dash” game of cleaning that many of their customers do complain about rapid re-soiling. They spray the carpet with detergents, scrub the carpet and dash away. Now the customer is left with a sloppy job, lost money and carpets that will get dirty faster.

You see when the detergent is left in the carpet it actually creates a sticky residue that attracts dirt, soil, germs and nasty creepy crawlies.

The key to keeping carpet looking beautiful is to keep them free of detergent residue.

With our state of the art extraction systems, we completely rinse out all remaining residue, either from household ‘do it yourself’ cleaning agents or detergents left behind by companies using outdated methods, such as shampooing.

By having your carpets professionally cleaned by a company that treats each customer like royalty, your carpets will stay cleaner and healthier longer.

And to protect your fine flooring and fabric we suggest having them treated with our stain protector.

Think of it as a protective shield guarding against spots and spills from becoming stains.